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febrero 2024


Are you getting the most from your hybrid IT environment?


The explosion of cloud-based social, mobile and collaborative IT and business solutions has changed how, why, where, when and from whom companies acquire technology and services. The resulting hybrid IT environment
can increase the challenges and costs of sourcing and managing IT.

2x procurement costs alone:
Caused by complexity, redundancy and lack of integration of disparate solutions andincompatibility with current practices and policies.

Lost business and innovation opportunities:
Due to the inability to fully capitalize on the agility benefits of cloud solutions and hybrid environments.


Partner to optimize sourcing benefits – 70% try D-I-Y

Most enterprises begin by handling their own sourcing and management. One year later, most find it to be an inefficient use of their valuable IT resources. Alternatively, enterprises are turning their sourcing and
integration needs over to experienced sourcing providers, freeing IT resources and helping them to innovate
and explore new ways of doing business—and saving tens of millions annually.

Rapid solution integration
• Simplified vendor coordination and selection
• Cost-effective optimization of the hybrid environment
• Collaborative innovation for better business outcomes


Find the right sourcing provider

Providers should be effective in all aspects of hybrid environmentsourcing and management. What are the minimum


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Start now for better sourcing outcomes

1.- Identify and prepare for new complexities: Conduct asset and exposure audits annually to avoid surprises
2.- Get procurement and sourcing under control: Determine and address policy weaknesses with a trusted third party
3.- Realistically assess your ability to manage: As hybrid complexity grows, managing IT and business sourcing becomes more difficult
4.- Engage qualified sourcing providers: Assess providers against the attributes above


Reference by IBM

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